Hello everyone!

This is the first of the daily updates we will gave during the whole Study Trip. I will describe how the first day was.

First of all the day was very long. It started when we all assembled at the Spiegel on campus of the University of Twente. After distributing the thank you-gifts among the participants some good byes were said by Hans Hilgenkamp, girl- and boyfriends and family of the participants.

The bus trip to Schiphol went smoothly and there was few traffic, thanks to the great driver Roman of Pouw Vervoer. At Schiphol we gathered with the last two participants, dropped our luggage and went through customs without encountering any problems.

The 9-hour flight arrived 30 minutes late and was mostly spent watching as many movies as possible or trying to beat each other in the trivia game integrated in the airplane entertainment system. We had some great views of the glaciers and mountains of Greenland as well!

After arriving in Vancouver we went to the hostel using public transport and everyone went separate ways afterwards. Some tried the famously delicious sushi and others visited the local beer brewery. One thing was the same for everyone, after being awake for almost 24 hours you are very tired.

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