Day 3 was the day which allowed us the freedom of movement around: we picked up the cars which were reserved for us. The group was split in two, with 12 drivers and 2 committee taking the Canada metro line back to Vancouver airport to pick up the cars. The other group was tasked with securing the luggage at the hostel, checking out and generally relaxing. Some of the remaining committee members picked up some lunch which we would need later on in the day.

Being the daily committee supervisor, I was tasked with overseeing the car pickup. Since we had five cars to pick up, two employees of the rental company were helping at once. This sped up the process somewhat, but it did mean that many different contracts, licenses and payment details were flying about everywhere. Eventually though, it got sorted out and we got underway in our minivans to pick up the rest of the participants at the hostel, to head out to our next destination. On the way, we picked up Hans and Gertjan as well, who also joined four the afternoon trip.

The afternoon was scheduled with a visit to the Capilano Suspension Bridge, and a visit to the Cleveland Dam a few kilometers further. A few hours were spent walking and hiking on and around the bridge, with some holding on to the railing quite with all their might. The Capilano Suspension Bridge after all, is not only situated quite high above a chasm, but it can also shake and swing quite vigorously by all the people walking on it. Even though the weather was quite Dutch (cold and wet), it was found to be very enjoyable indeed. After having seen the Capilano Suspension Bridge and the park surrounding it, we went to visit the Cleveland Dam. The dam blocks a large reservoir located in between various hills. This lake is the first thing we saw when entering the area. We could also walk on top of and along the dam, allowing for quite some nice views of the eroded rock formations behind the dam, as well as the dam itself.

To close the day, we headed to our new place of stay for the coming few days. Some of the drivers were tasked to pick up the luggage left at the previous hostel together with a few committee members. Now, since the luggage has arrived, everyone has left or is planning to leave the hotel to grab some dinner and get some rest, in preparation of the first visit tomorrow. Tomorrow we will leave for UBC, which will prove to be an interesting and long day.


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