It was 5:40 and everyone was already gathered in the lobby of the hotel. This day would signify the change from the northern to the southern part of the Study Tour. The plane would depart at 9:25 in the morning and there was still much to do.

All luggage had to be transported to the airport with one fewer car than the trip from Vancouver to Seattle. To make sure this would fit, the committee pre-assigned some cars to focus just on luggage and other cars just on passengers with some cars mixed. After departing on 5:55, we encountered no traffic and arrived around 6:40 at the rental drop-off. The cars were dropped off, keys were handed in and we continued to the shuttle busses that would take us to the airport itself.

When we arrived at the airport the group would split with the majority already going through the TSA, and some staying behind to go to Delta customer service. Their system made a mistake such that one participant was unable to check in online, but this turned out not to be a problem and this group continued to the TSA as well.

After everybody went through the TSA, some went to get something to eat and others just passed the time. The plane would go on to depart at 9:25 and arrive at around 11:30, after which we would pick up our luggage and take the complementary train to the car rental pick-up.

Once at the car rental we would face a big line, and surprise the car rental employees with our large reservation concerning six cars with around four drivers each. These six cars will help us traverse the Highway One, along with an additional car we will pick up Saturday morning. Fitting all of the luggage in all the cars proved to be the most challenging task of the day, with some cars being filled in such an extent that personal space was very limited. After assuring everyone that this would not be the case for the road trip, we finally arrived at the next hotel where we would stay the rest of the week.

Because we arrived in the early afternoon, everyone could still enjoy the good weather and the pool that the hotel has to offer. This was much needed after the past intense week, and will also prove to be useful for next week. Because this coming we will explore Silicon Valley.

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