Today was planned as a free day in San Francisco and a lot of people decided to get up early to explore the city. After a long drive through morning traffic to downtown, almost everyone decided to rent bicycles and cycle across the Golden Gate Bridge. The weather turned out to be a lot colder than in Sunnyvale and clouds covered big parts of the bridge. When the sky cleared however, amazing views could be seen of the bridge and all of the nature surrounding it. Alcatraz could also be seen, lurking in the mist.

In the afternoon everyone gathered to take the boat to Alcatraz. Here we explored the abandoned prison island and got to see and feel a bit of its history. An audio tour was present where the stories from former inmates and guards were told. The island had mainly become a tourist attraction and a place for birds to live.
In the evening all of the students got dinner together at a seafood restaurant with Herman Offerhaus and Stefan Kooij. Here everyone discussed the visits of the previous days, how they looked forward to new ones or just what they did during the day.

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