Today it was time to leave the bay area and travel further south to Los Angeles. We could take the shortes route to LA, but the highway 1 offers much more nature and fun. Therefore, the committe decided in the early stages of planning to drive down the highway 1 together, which resulted in the name of our study tour. So, this was definetely a day everyone looked forward to.

Our first stop was at the Shark Fin Cove, a beach which was surrounded by rocks that had been affected by the ocean. This was a beatifull sight. Some students came a little bit too close to the water when they were playing with the waves and went back with wet clothes to the car.

Our drive on the highway continued and the students enjoyed the beauty that the coast offered. We often took a brake to inhale the nature, at McWay falls, Pfeiffer beach and San dollor beach for example. But some people had other priorities on the roadtrip…

After a trip of over 9 hours we all arived safeley at San Simeon, were we enjoyed local mexican food and the spa.



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