Today we covered the second part of our roadtrip from San Francisco to Santa Barabara. After a good night sleep and a bath at the spa we all continued in six cars to the south. Or atleast, some of did. Most peopled went north to visit the elephants seals, caracterized by there large belly and nose. During this period the female elephant seals visit the beach to molt, which means they change skin. For us this meant that we could watch the elephant seal lay still in the sand or sometimes even hear hauling.

Another group decided to visit hearst castle, which is a half finished structure with a different combination of italian, romian, spanish and more europian styles of architecture. In this castle Stefan, one of our supervisors, felt like a french king.

After these last visits in San Simeon all groups went south, the nature was less stunning than the first part of highway 1, but the beaches and shores were certainly worth visiting. One of these is Morro beach, which is recognized by the giant rock on the shore. Some of us collected a lot of sand dollars here and had some fun. On our tour down we often stopped to experience the nature and climb some rocks.

When we arrived in Santa Barbara some of us dared to dive into the pacific ocean for a refreshing swim. After that we enjoyed dinner at the pier, and walked through the beautifull city.

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