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Stefan Vries


Hello everyone, I am Stefan and I am a third year bachelor student of Applied Physics. Next to my study I like to do sports, I do crossfit two times a week and I just started playing tennis again. Furthermore I enjoy spending time with my housemates and friends and have an occasional drink.
I am the secretary in the committee, so I am responsible for the communication between the committee and the participants.
I joined the BE-committee, because I wanted to do something more next to my study and had not done a committee before. I also like to travel and would like to see more of the world, so joining this committee guaranteed a spot on what is going to be a great trip and an amazing educational experience along the coast of North-America. It is going to be the best!


Kevin Vonk

Hey everyone, I am Kevin Vonk, the treasurer of the BE 2019. My tasks are to ensure the tour’s budget is in top condition, to pay all the bills and to communicate with traveling agencies about our tour, amongst other things. In order to accomplish all this, I have to take a close look at all the incoming and outgoing money streams and ensure that this is balanced.
Next to my activities as the treasurer of the BE, I am a fourth year full time bachelor student at Applied Physics. Furthermore, I am also a member of other committees at our study association Arago, like the website and server committees. Since I like working with computers quite a lot, I also spend the majority of my free time behind a desk playing games or programming.
I hope that I, together with the entire BE committee, can create the greatest and most awesome study tour yet!


Ellen Kiens
Foreign Affairs








Daan Bossink
External Affairs








Thies Jansen
Educational Affairs

My name is Thies and I am a Master student Applied physics at the university of Twente. I like to play football and do other sports like running and cycling. Within the study tour committee I am responsible for the educational part. This means I organize a few lectures about our destination, with the goal to enrich the participants knowledge about general aspects of the country and the institutions we will visit. All participants will together make a report, which summarizes everything they learned, I will review this report and make sure everyone contributed.
I joined the committee because I wanted to help organizing a large event, besides that it is fun, you will also learn a lot. It also appealed to me to go on adventure with your fellow students in a foreign country and learn from the institutes over there. Personally, I really wanted to visit Canada and the United States because of the research facilities and the great nature. I am sure the studytour will be a great experience for everyone and looking forward to it!