Every two years a group of Applied Physics students travels to a country on another continent as part of the study tour programme. This year twenty students will be visiting the West Coast of the United States and Canada. Our journey starts in Vancouver, Canada, an engaging location for various companies that suit our scientific interests. Through Seattle we will be making our way south, leading up to the focal point of our tour, Silicon Valley. In Silicon Valley we will be exploring the outermost edges of possibilities with regards to physics. The city to end our tour in is Los Angeles, the culture capital of the United States. Here we will have the opportunity to discover a diverse range of interesting sites regarding the arts and sciences. The study tour offers students the opportunity to visit some of the highest ranking universities and corporations, while simultaneously discovering a new culture and country. This combination is what makes it an experience the students will never forget!

Andrey Antonowycz
Chairman “Highway One” Study Tour 2019

During the summer break of 2019 a physics related study tour to the west coast of the United States and Canada, named Highway One, will be organised. The participants of the tour are Applied Physics students at the University of Twente. The tour will take us to the cities Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Vancouver. Silicon Valley will be one of the highlights.

The west coast of the US features high-end technology companies and institutes. The study tour enables applied physics students to visit these companies and research facilities. This experience helps students to enrich themselves and gives them a better understanding of how research is facilitated at a global level. It also gives an impression of the possible future prospects as a physicist. The beautiful nature in the US and Canada will also be explored and the tour will show the cultural aspects of living there. This shows the participants the cultural differences between the US and Canada and the Netherlands.