Before we travel to Canada and the United States we will be following the Meso/Macro course given by Martin Stienstra. Here we will focus on the destination itself and the companies we will be visiting. You will be graded for a preparatory report.

For the Macro part the general aspects of the United States and Canada are studied, e.g. the geography, economics, politics and demography. The lecture for this subject takes place on Tuesday 27 November 2018 (8th – 9th hour). The corresponding presentations will take place Wednesday 5 December (8th – 9th hour). Please be aware that this time span is short.

For the Meso part we will go more in-depth on the sectors that relate more to the physics side of the study tour, focusing on the (types of) companies and various locations we will be visiting. It is expected you form groups of four for this subject. The lecture will take place on Tuesday 18 December (8th – 9th hour) and the presentations will be on Friday 11 January (3rd – 4th hour).

What do we expect from you?
  • To enroll in the ‘International Study Tour Applied Physics’ course in Osiris before the deadline. The planning is also visible as of now.
  • To look at the planning for the program and see if it interferes with other subjects. Please contact the committee if this is the case.
  • To form groups of four students for the Meso part of the course. There will be a total of five groups.


As a form of sponsorship we will be arranging a case for all participants. This case is 160 hours of work and will most likely be in the second term of this college year. The case is either from the department of Applied Physics as a student assistant, a department at the University of Twente or a company outside of the university.

As of now we are still in the process of obtaining and subdividing the remaining cases. You will be informed via mail the moment a new case is available. If a department prefers a participant for a particular case this person will be contacted first.


As stated in the participant contract it is also expected to pay a contribution of 1000 (+ 100 case deposit + 100 guarantee for his/her contribution to the compulsory part of the agreement) in the terms specified in the contract. These term are as follows:

  1. October 1: 400
  2. December 1: 400
  3. February 1: 400